• Advanced Materials Research
  • Crystallization
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Gas-Solid Fluidization
  • Green Energy & Biofuel
  • Multiphase Particulate Systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Powder Processing & Handling

Dr.Jesse Zhu
Tel: 519-661-2111 ext.83802
Fax: 519-661-3498
E-mail: jzhu@uwo.ca

Advanced Materials Research

Anti-microbial coatings
Ceramic Filler particles for dental composites
Synthesis & characterization of bioactive glass based composites
Superhydrophobic, anti-corrosive, and anti-abrasive coatings
Ultrafine powder coatings


Crystal Engineering & Industrial Crystallization
Control of polymorphism and solid state prop. of pharmaceuticals
Real-time single and multi-objective optimal control
Synthesis of Y-zeolites

Environmental Re-mediation Technologies

Atmospheric Processes of Oxygenated Species
Biological nutrient removal processes
Biological detoxification of hazardous contaminants
Biomass gasification for site-specific applications
Characterization and UV disinfection of bioaerosol
Design of sludge dryer using computational fluid dynamics
Destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by Oxidation
Fluorescent light photocatalytic inactivation of bacteria via paints
Industrial wastewater treatment
Novel circulating fluidized bed bioreactor to treat wastewater
Oxidative pretreatment of municipal sludge
Organo sulfur removal using ionic solvents
Photocatalytic decomposition of gas phase VOCs via adsorbents
Pyrolysis of waste plastic oils
Reactive indoor air purification technology
Soil & ground water bioremediation & landfill leachate treatment
Solid wastes gasification and incineration

Gas-Solid Fluidization

CFD modeling of multiphase flow systems
Circulating turbulent fluidized bed reactor
Fluidization and handling of ultrafine powders
Fundamentals of particulate and multiphase systems
Hydrodynamics of circulating fluidized bed reactors
Hydrodynamics of gas-solid downer reactors
Hydrodynamics of gas-solids counter-current vertical flow

Green Energy and Biofuel Technologies

Band-engineered semiconductor photocatalysis for clean fuel
Biodiesel production from microalgae
Biodiesel production using enzymes in green solvents
Biofuel production through biomass gasification and pyrolysis
Fuel cell research for green energy
Hydrogen production through splitting of water
Synthesis of TiO2 nanotube arrays for solar energy

Multiphase Particulate Systems

Multiphase chemical reactor modeling
Ultrasonic on-line characterization in multiphase particulate systems
Pneumatic transport of solids and its modeling
Fluid-particle separation, gas-solids separator
Industrial drying


Characterization of ultra-small (2-5nm) nanoparticles & quantum dots
Chemical, electrochemical, optical and biological nanosensors
Nanomaterials with enhanced properties for biomedical devices
Synthesis, characterization & applications of carbon nanotubes
Synthesis, characterization and applications of nanowires

Powder Processing & Handling Technologies

Dry powder coating of solid pharmaceutical dosages
High surface quality ultra-fine powder coating/painting
Novel Aids to the fluidization of ultrafine (Group C) particles
Pulmonary drug delivery & development of new dry powder inhalers