The Particle Research Facility (PRF) was established to provide a collaboration platform for Western researchers and the best service to the industry and society. This facility is dedicated to the research, innovation, and technological development in the particle technology area and aim to enhance research collaboration closely with university research groups, institutions and industry.

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Why Us

We are equipped with a variety set of particle Processing and Analysing Equipments. A group of knowledgeable experts and researchers provide versatile, high quality contract services and custom solutions to meet specific requirements. Our research team dedicated on superior R&D services in powder processing over TWENTY years. We maintain a strict confidential agreement with every clients to ensure their intellectual property rights are protected. We look forward to building a long term partnership with our clients to develop economical solutions for their R&D needs.

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Processing Equipments

With over twenty years of experience in particle related research area, The PRF focus on providing analytical services and processing services to the powder processing, coatings and pharmaceutical industries. Our research engineer team combine advanced technologies and analytical techniques with their know-how to ensure that you receive consistent, reliable results time and time again.

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Analysing Instruments

Equipped with complete set of particle processing and analysing equipments, The PRF is capable to provide accurate and comprehensive particle processing and analytical services to the industries. The PRF is willing to collaborate in close with industry partners, include sharing equipments, providing powder processing, analyse and consulting services with low cost for their customized R&D requirements.

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Our Clients: